Declaration of readiness of the 6 foreign consortia to attend the Guinea Bauxite mine
Mining News Pro - The chairman of IMIDRO`s team announced that by the end of the year, two large plants in the field of aluminum and copper will be launched. "The Southern Aluminum" will be the largest and most modern aluminum production plant in Iran, Karbassian said.

According to Mining News Pro -The head of the IMIDRO board of directors said the South Aluminum Factory (Salko) with a capacity of 300,000 tons will be operational by the end of this year. The factory needs imported aluminum oxide and powder, because there are not enough raw materials in Iran.

He pointed out that Iran has a bauxite mine in Guinea Conakry, which has recently been activated and six European and Chinese consortia have entered Iran for bidding.

He added, "The full setup of this plant will allow us to supply foreign raw materials to the outside world."

"Of course, these measures will not neglect the copper industry," Karbassian said. Midco Company has a major copper project and will soon finish it.

In another part of his remarks on financing, he said: "By the end of the sixth development plan, $ 50 billion must be invested in mines in the country.

Mehdi Karbasiyan added: "Recognizing the attraction of foreign resources is also a sign of a serious shortage. Unfortunately, the withdrawal of America from the pursuit of unilateral sanctions against Iran has created challenges.

He added: Europeans have not been seriously involved in this segment, but it is expected that they will bring their capital to the Iranian mineral industry, according to negotiations with China and Russia.

The chairman of Imidru`s board of directors, saying that Iran`s mineral industry is the least vulnerable to sanctions, said: "Fortunately, after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, steel has become one of the main areas of self-development.

Karbasiyan added: "Steel is generally known as strategic industrial in the whole world and now has a 43 percent share in the world`s mineral exports sector. Among them, there are many affiliates and downstairs, and they can play an important role in job creation.

He said that last year, we managed to earn more than $ 9 billion in export of steel and its dependent industries, while before the 11th government, production of steel was generally in recession. But we managed to get the thirteenth place in the world`s steel production, which will be upgraded if the projects under construction are exploited.

Karbassian continued: Imidru only achieved 500 million tons of iron ore, 40 tons of gold, and so on. In the steel sector, almost dependency has been lost, and only part of the raw material is imported, which shows us that this dependency will be completely discontinued next year.

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade, said that the mineral sector does not suffer serious sanctions, provided that there is proper management. Obviously, sanctions in various forms create gaps and can not be concealed.

Karbasiyan said: "The biggest problem is shipping and shipping, and we can not enter the country as much as we export it."

He stated that he also had to face the problem of purchasing raw materials and that we should replace the buying of the dollar with alternative ways. Now, if Europeans keep their covenant and leave the slogan intact, it does not seem that the mineral industry realizes Damage seriously.

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