200 Thousand Tons of Cathode Produced in the First 10 Month
Mining News Pro - Iran National Copper Industry Co. succeeded to produce 200 Thousand Tons of Cathode Produced in the First 10 Month.

According to Mining News Pro - Mohammadreza Baniasadi Rad, CEO of Iran National Copper Industry Co. (Nicico) mentioned the production volume in the first 10 months and said: “Cosidering that Nicico is a bourse company since 12 years ago, production, development and sale are three key factors for this company.”

He added: “By the end of January, our company grew up to one million tons of copper concentrate by 4 percent, more than the scheduled program.

Baniasadi Rad, mentioned that this will have positive effects on the production of melting and refinery products and said: “Ten months passed since the beginning of this year and for the first time in the history, this company experience a

11 percent growth with 200 thousand of cathode production. During this period, Iran National Copper Industry Co. managed to produce 245 thousand tons of copper inorganic coke compared to 244 thousand and 680 tons.”

Also, the stock value of Nicico has risen from 60000 billion IRRs to 78000 billion IRRs. The company is ranked third in nominal value capital among Iran’s stock companies.

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