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Mining News Pro - According to SteelMint, US sanctions will have negative effects on Iran’s steel industry since the beginning of March.

Mining News Pro - CEO of HOSCO: Hormozgan Steel Company is going to build a localized plant of hot rolling with the help of knowledge-based companies.

Mining News Pro - CEO of Esfahan Steel Company: Currently, we are facing the things like sanctions and fake news of foreign news agencies against Iran. In this situation, industries like ESCo tries to increase their productions in order to overcome these problems.

Mining News Pro - Iran’s DRI production increased by 9 percent and reached 2 million tons in November.

Mining News Pro - World Steel Association announced: During the first eleven month of 2018, the production of crude steel has been increased by 17.3 and 4.3 in Iran and in the world.

Mining News Pro - Deputy of IMIDRO’s mining and industries plans mentioned the plan for increasing the capacity of coal concentrate, following the comprehensive steel plan.

Mining News Pro - CEO and a member of the board of MIDHCO said: “In the world, steel production is 71% nominal capacity. In the other words, if the global total capacity of steel production is 2.2 billion tons, the real production is 1.6 tons. China, by producing 800 million tons of steel, has 49 percent of global share.

Mining News Pro - CEO of Zob Ahan Isfahan Co. said in an interview about the capability of Iran to produce railroad tracks.

Mining News Pro - Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company, a subsidiary of state-owned Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization

Mining News Pro - Reference image. Dried Saffron flower stigmas, or red gold, and pyrite mineral from Muteh gold mine, Iran. Photo by Safa Daneshvar, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0.

Mining News Pro - The British Guardian wrote in a report: "With the continued demand for Iranian oil and the lack of international support for US sanctions, there is no US approach to this country.

Mining News Pro - The sixty-eighth meeting of the Public Relations Association of Esfahan Province was hosted by Esfahan Steel in November 13 with the participation of the Esfahan people`s representative in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, as well as Yazdi Zadeh, Managing Director of Esfahan Steel Co., and a group of public relations officers and government officers.

Mining News Pro -  Iran has more than 550 million tons of potassium reserves in the list of the top 10 countries in the world.

Mining News Pro - The United States on Monday re-imposed sanctions against Iran’s oil exports to punish Tehran for its involvement in several Middle Eastern conflicts.

Mining News Pro - Bringing relief to trade participants from both India and Iran comes the news that India is likely to receive waiver from U.S. sanctions to carry out trade with Iran. As per the recent updates, U.S. has agreed to grant waiver to India from the sanctions on Iran by levying a condition for Iran to cut its oil imports by one third for the financial year 2018-19.

Mining News Pro - Iran, of the major steel producer in MENA is currently facing sanctions from USA, owing to which many foreign companies working in Iran quit their operation.

Mining News Pro - Ongoing US Sanctions on Iran has restricted the nation to do business with many countries.

Mining News Pro - According to the data maintained by SteelMint, Iran has exported 1.67 MnT iron ore via bulk shipments in the seventh month of Iranian year (during 23rd Sep- 22nd Oct`18). The exports witnessed significant rise of 74% on monthly basis in Oct`18 as against Sep`18 exports at 0.96 MnT.

Mining News Pro - Iran, one of the largest billet exporter in MENA region has exported 1,790,224 MT billet and bloom during the first five months of current Persian year (21-Mar till 22-Aug’18). As per the data released by Iranian Customs, export of billet during the period was reportedly up by 42% Y-o-Y against 1,258,094 MT during the same period of last Persian year. GCC and Far East Asia was the major destination for Iranian billet.

Mining News Pro - Iran`s aluminum with the symbol "Fira" has achieved a profit of 394 Rls for each share during the six months ended September 22,2018

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