MME`s resolve to brand native technology
Mining News Pro - Three sponge iron mills from the provincial steels set up last year by MMA and utilizing native pod technology.

According to Mining News Pro -The first PERED project was launched more than a year ago in Shadegan (Khuzestan province) and then launched in the Middle East and South Asia sponge iron projects with better conditions.

In this way, the MME specialists used the experiences of each plant for future projects, so that in the Neyriz  project, the company could only produce a quality and consumer product just two days after the gas injection.

Meanwhile, the conditions for the exploitation and production of sponge iron mills also resulted in the satisfaction of employers.

MME was able to carry out the PGT phase in the Middle East project as the first project of provincial steel projects, which is the culmination of the flourishing of emerging technology and is considered to be stabilizing.

The unique conditions of PERED technology in terms of product quality, cost reduction and ease of use have attracted the attention of steel industry experts, and therefore MME has been more determined than ever to deliver the results and achievements, while branding, As well as upgrading the technical knowledge created in higher capacities.

Based on past experiences and accomplishments, the company has been present at international assemblies with the goal of providing more information on PERED technology. In this regard, MME has participated in the Global Steel Innovation International Symposium, most of which was devoted to the topic of modern technology.

Fortunately, the conference was well received and more than 500 specialists from various companies from the mining and steel industry participated in the event. A number of experts at this conference are interested in receiving information and communicating and constructing direct recovery units by the PERED methodology developed by MME and PERED technology.

Following the speech delivered by Hussein Aziz Zawaymeh, the company`s director of engineering, at various meetings, foreign companies were ready to use MME`s technical and engineering achievements. The company hopes that with the support of IMIDRO and other experts in the iron and steel sector, it will be able to accelerate the progress and further progress.

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