Construction of Torbat Heidarieh Steel Complex
Mining News Pro - The Operations Complex of Torbat Heydarieh Steel Complex started as the largest industrial project in the east of the country on Wednesday evening during a ceremony attended by the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade.

Deputy Governor and Governor of Torbat Heydarieh on the sidelines of the ceremony said the steel complex of this city, based on the preliminary design with a production capacity of 1.4 million tons of hot-rolled sheets in the first phase, 1.45 million tons of melting (steel making) and 1.8 Million tons of sponge iron, investments worth 36,887 billion rials and direct employment for 2800 people.

Ahmad Ali Mohebati added that the construction of the export terminal of the city will begin at the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Minister`s visit to Torbat Heydarieh.

He also said: Mohammad Shariatmadari will also visit the golden tile production line and will attend the city council meeting.

Managing Director of Steel Complex Rokh Torbat Heydarieh said the project will be constructed with an annual capacity of 4.1 million metric tons per 550 hectares of land, which for 12,000 people will directly and indirectly ignite.

Masoud Gul Shirazi added: "In this project, three sponge iron projects with a production of 2 million tons, melting and casting with a million and 600 thousand tons, and the production of sheet steel with 1.5 million tons per year, will solve part of the country`s needs. will do.

He stated that the total cost of the project is estimated at one billion euros, said the project will be based on IMIDRO`s standards, and its first phase, which includes resuscitation, will be operational within the next 30 months.

He said that part of the project`s funding comes from the sources of the National Development Fund and partly through the Financing of China.

Mohammad Reza Tavassoli, member of the board of directors of Torbat Heydarieh Steel Complex, also said in an interview with IRNA correspondent about 8 million tons of steel pellets in the region, adding that this capacity will be close to 17 million tons in the future and the volume of this project will be as large as the Mobarakeh Steel Complex It will be able to transform the economy of the east of the country by creating downstream chains and affiliated industries.

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