The International Trade Principles of Minerals with the Purpose of Market Analysis
Mining News Pro - The first UNIDRO training course titled "Principles of Mining News Pro - International Mineral Trade" will be held in cooperation with the Joint Institute for Educational and Research of the University of Tehran and IMIDRO and the Teachers Keyvan Jafari Taherani, a senior expert in the international markets for mining and mineral industries.

Training Course on the Principles of International Trade in Minerals "is the first training course for UNIDRO, designed and implemented by the experts and experts of the Department of Education and the Faculty of Mining of the University of Tehran after comparative studies with selected and selected countries.

Dr. Keivan Jafari Tehrani is a senior lecturer in international mining and mineral industry markets and will be held in 54 hours from late 2018 for 6 weeks. At the end of the course, a valid certificate will be awarded to the participants.

The purpose of this course is to strengthen the professional links between the industry and the university and provide an appropriate platform for raising the level of knowledge of individuals in order to enter the labor market and economic activities in the field of mining and mineral industries.

Keyvan Jafari Tehrani, moderator of the "Principles of International Mineral Trade" course, described one of the goals of this course as "knowledge of market intelligence" and said: "This can be effective in the international sector, especially during the sanctions period, because the information The findings should be analyzed according to the needs of the country.
It is worth mentioning that, upon completion of the course, the communication between the participants and the professors of the course will be maintained so that guidance and responsiveness to their questions can be easily accomplished.
Also, students who successfully complete the course will be able to start the International Mining Trade Group as a start-up group gradually with the presence of a supervisor and to systematically complete and execute.

For more information, contact UNIDRO Research and Training Center at +98 (21) 820 84 616

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