US Coal Exports Reached 105 Million Tons in 2018
Mining News Pro - Coal export of United States has reached the highest for the second time, due to the demand during the last years.

According to Mining News Pro - United States’ export of high temperature coal to India increased by 53 percent. In total, US coal exports last year was 104.9 million tons, 19.3 percent growth from 2017. This is the second year that this country experience such a huge growth. In 2012, US reached 114.2 million tons.

US high temperature coal has a very good global sale due to the high amount of sulfur and good discounts. While, the metallurgical coke is valuable because of is features in making coke.

A number of US high temperature coal producers have benefited from partial bans and demand improvements in India.

US metallurgical coke export was 55.8 million tons, which has increased by 11.3 percent and is the highest since the year 2014.

The Netherlands also imported 5.6 million tons of metallurgical coke from the United States, up by 82.5 percent compared to last year.

Three main export destinations of United States was India, South Korea and Netherlands. By 53 percent growth compared to the last year, India has imported 10.5 million tons of high temperature coal from US. Also South Korea had 9.6 of growth by importing 5.8 million tons and after it, Netherlands stands in the third place by importing 5.6 million tons, 3.2 percent growth compared to the last year.

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