First Mutual Investment between China and Pakistan in the Field of Steel
Mining News Pro - China and Pakistan has had their first mutual investment in the field of Steel and they started their work. It is their first cooperation.

According to Mining News Pro - With investment of $ 12 million, the Jianbang Group and the Pakistani Consortium, Pak-China (PCS) steel will be launched. Their goal is to supply the domestic demands of Pakistan after the closure of country’s major steelmaking unit.

The Chinese have made this investment more targeted to meet their infrastructure needs in the China-Pakistan economic corridor. The capacity of this production unit is 8,000 tons of cast iron per month, which is planned to increase.

This is the first time in Pakistan to use the iron ore of Baluchistan to produce steel. Actually, iron ores and lime stones are domestic but metallurgical flux is imported.

Until now, Jianbang was able to enter Pakistan’s market successfully and supply domestic needs.

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