The Challenges of Emerging Economies at the IMF Summit
Mining News Pro - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced that it will hold its annual summit on the current challenges of emerging economies, such as the collapse of national currencies, in Bali, Indonesia to support its victims.

According to Mining News Pro -The IMF annual summit, with Christine Lagarde, the chairman of the fund, finance ministers and economic representatives from 180 different countries on the island of Bali, Indonesia, will be held on the island of Bali from Indonesia tomorrow.

According to the report, the study of the growing trend of supporting the economy, the vulnerability of newly emerging economies and increasing global debt are at the heart of this international conference.

Finance ministers and heads of central banks from 180 countries with 3,200 people attend the summit on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

The summit will be held from Tuesday to the following Sunday in Indonesia, but its special meeting will be October 12 to 14 (October 20-22).

Bali Island is located at the nearest distance of 1 125 km from Palo, Indonesia, on the island of Sulawesi.

Seventh magnitude earthquake and tsunami waves that landed half an hour later on Friday, September 28, has left more than 1,700 dead, 5,000 missing and thousands of homeless.
IMF Chief Financial Officer Christine Lagarde said that international financial institutions predict a 3.7 percent increase for the global economy this year, which is due to a number of reasons, including a growing US economic protectionism of 3.9 percent from the previous year. has found.

He stated that global economic threats have been realized and that these threats have reduced global economic growth.

Increasing trade barriers, reducing trade, reducing investment and production are among the challenges of global economic growth, which has increased this year.

Lagarde warned about the high level of global debt, saying that the figure has now reached 182 trillion dollars, which is almost 60% higher than in 2007.

US President Donald Trump`s policies and trade warfare statement against China, the European Union and many emerging economies have put economic growth at high risk.

Some emerging economies, such as Argentina, have already called for the International Monetary Fund to help rescue the current crisis.

The IMF responded to this request for $ 7 billion to help Argentina, rising to $ 57 billion in past figures.

Indonesia, as another emerging economist in South East Asia, faces huge fluctuations in currencies this year, with the country`s national currency rupee facing a 10% drop in prices against the US dollar, a figure that has been in the past two decades Unprecedented.

Turkey, another emerging economies, faced a sharp decline in the national currency this year, and is therefore facing foreign investment.

IMF experts are expected to come up with solutions to improve the global economic conditions by attending the annual financial statement in Bali, Indonesia.

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