Announcement of the withdrawal of the Trade Bank from the sale of Mobarakeh Steel`s shares / 2.48% of the steel supply was canceled
Mining News Pro - The trade bank refused to sell the 2.48% block of Mobarakeh Steel this week to continue to be a major shareholder in the company.


According to Mining News Pro - According to the announcement, the trade bank was to launch a 2.48% block of Mobarakeh Steel on Wednesday, but the bank has declined the decision.
The "steel" block included more than one billion and 865 million and 775 thousand shares, at a basic price of $ 600 each. In the case of trading, the trade bank would be the shareholder of the largest steelmaker in Iran.

This is while whispers of capital increase to 80 percent of the company`s accumulated profits have been heard.

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