In the gold production, we will break the record / the government does not seek profit in development agencies
Mining News Pro - The Minister of Industry announced the transfer of limited financial assistance from the private sector to private sector tomorrow, saying: "We are trying to use government rights to develop mines and reduce the risk of investment in this area.

According to Mining News Pro - Mohammad Shariatmadari, at the Mining and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (MFA), said: attracting private sector participation in the production of mineral products and presence in deprived and less developed areas in exploration activities did not depend on Iqbal, but management.

The minister added: Iran has a good status in exploration, and it is also very important in the case of Makran Steel, launched and developed in 1995, which shows a significant amount of investment.

He added: "In the mineral sphere, the growth of value added is usually low, but in the mineral industry, the value added is higher, and it should be said that the mineral industry is the pioneer of the resistance economy.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, saying that the government is not seeking profit in development organizations such as IMIDRO, continued to pay a good boost to productivity growth and IMIDRO assets.

Shariatmadari continued: The road map for the development of mines and mineral industries was announced and announced, according to which we announced 200 new promising areas, which in addition to the 400 promising areas we announced earlier, on the basis of this, will declare these 200 areas tomorrow. The private sector can choose and work on them and these ranges will be released.

Shariatmadari said the country`s mineral exports have increased and this could reduce the dominance of some countries. We will certainly record the production of ten tons of gold, and will record a new record in iron ore.

He added: 9600 billion tomans have been implemented last year, which we hope will reach 2.619.047.619 Dollars this year.

Shariatmadari said that we will reduce the risk of investors in mining and mineral industries by saying that we are trying to use the mining rights of developing mines.

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