The steel competition will be lifted on the stock exchange
Mining News Pro - Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade at the Tehran Chamber meeting announced the lifting of the ceiling for steel products on the Commodity Exchange.


According to Mining News Pro - Jafar Sarqini, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran at a meeting of representatives of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, announced the lifting of the competition for steel products on the Commodity Exchange, saying that since the exchange rate inflated, the metal market was also affected.

He added: "We are self-sufficient in metals, so that we produce 2.5 times the demand for steel and steel, so that the market`s psychological atmosphere is wrong for this industry."

Sarkhini noted that since the ceiling on copper and aluminum competition in the stock exchange, prices were about 54% competitive.

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Mining and Mining Affairs said: "We will raise the competition for steel on the stock exchange, in which case the competition will be about 30 percent." The price per gram of rebar at the peak of the currency fluctuations was 4600 tomans, which reached 4100 tomans yesterday and will be released today at a price of about 3600 tomans by releasing steel prices.

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