Mobarakeh Steel recorded a record 2.7 liters of water per kg of steel and steel companies, both domestic and foreign
Mining News Pro - Managing director of Mobarakeh Steel said: Although since the beginning of this year, Mobarakeh Steel Co. has been in the same condition as other parts of the country with numerous restrictions, including water, but with the implementation of numerous creative projects and refinement and maximum recycle of wastewater in the production lines we were able, in addition to the amount Reducing the company`s raw water consumption to 2.7 liters per kilo of steel production, with a 13% increase in production from the previous year, would go beyond the goals set.   Zoom in:


According to Mining News Pro - Bahram Sobhani went on to state: "The outstanding achievements of Mobarakeh Steel Company in the water field were achieved while the lowest water consumption among steel makers was above 3.7 liters. Therefore, Mobarakeh Steel Company achieved 2.7 liters per kilogram, Leading the domestic and foreign steel companies.

He emphasized that Mobarakeh Steel Co. with the efforts of its employees and clever investments in completing the steel chain in their group has created significant economic value for the country, he noted: Today, more than any other time, the mission of Mobarakeh Steel in economic development of the country is It is important, therefore, we need to provide the country with the opportunity to export as much as we can.

In another part of his speech, referring to the importance of supplying the goods and services needed from the company from the interior, Mubarak said: "We must pay more attention to the localization of the parts and equipment needed by the company, and with the full support of the builders Place all required items in the localization list.

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