Uncertainty about the status of oil demand in the coming months
Mining News Pro - Brent`s price today rose 30 cents, up 0.4 percent to $ 77 and 113 cents.

According to Mining News Pro - While oil drilling activity in the United States has not grown and markets expect the supply gap to drop, with oil sanctions against Iran starting to drop, oil prices are rising today.

According to the report, the price of barrels of US crude oil today was 21 cents, up 0.3 percent to 67 dollars and 96 cents. Brent`s oil prices today increased by 30 cents, up 0.4 percent to $ 77 and 13 cents.

US energy companies shut down 2 oil drilling platforms last week, bringing the total number of oil drilling rigs to 860. The number of drilling rigs in the US has not increased since May. Outside the United States, Washington`s sanctions against Iran, which are due to begin in November, have contributed to rising oil prices.

Several major Iranian customers, such as India, Japan, and South Korea, have cut oil purchases from the FGI, the FGI said. "Governments can speak tightly," he said. They can say that we are standing up against the tramp or trying to get the exemption. But when we talk to companies ... they say, they will not risk the money ... US government financial penalties and lack of insurance coverage of Iranian cargo scare everyone. "

Washington, while pushing nations to cut oil purchases from Iran, has also asked other manufacturers to increase their oil production.

US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry will meet with Saudi and Russian counterparts on Monday and Thursday. But an important question is that while the trade gap between the United States and China and the weakness of emerging markets may increase the likelihood of a slowdown in global economic growth, what will be the demand for oil over the coming months?

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