IMIDRO was the best organization of the Shahid Rajaee Festival
Mining News Pro - The Organization for the Development and Renovation of Mining and Mining Industries of Iran in the selected sections of the affiliated organizations of the ministries in total, public and specific indicators were introduced as the top machine of Iran.

According to Mining News Pro -The closing ceremony of the 14th Shahid Rajaie Festival from the morning of the day, commemorating the government week in the presence of the President, was held at the Summit Hall, with the top 14 state-owned weapons.

Mining and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO), Tavanir Company and Measurement Organization were selected by selected departments of ministries affiliated to the general and specialized indexes as the top machine. Mehdi Karbassian and other two departments received statues and tablets The appreciation of Rouhani was praised.

In the text of the President addressed to Mehdi Karbassian, the chairman of the IMIDRO Executive Committee, "Serving the holy system of the Islamic Republic and the great nation of Iran is a great success on the path to the great religious and revolutionary doctrines and the continuation of the culture of sacrifice and jihad.

The title of "Legacy of the Legacy" has been remembered and in the year "Supporting Iranian goods", I consider it necessary for the valuable efforts of my colleagues and all the managers and employees of this organization to implement the programs and promote the country and to earn the highest rank in the martyr Rials Shrine of the year 2018 Thank you for the increasing success of you and your notable colleagues in serving your dear country. I ask Almighty God. "

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