What happened at the meeting of the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank and the major mining and mining companies?
Mining News Pro - The IMIDRO meeting, steel companies, the National Copper Company and Iralco, with the Central Bank`s Deputy Foreign Minister, were held yesterday to facilitate the supply of currency in Nima and to eliminate bottlenecks in the supply of graffiti electrode and other raw materials.

According to Mining News Pro -The important points raised at the meeting of the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank with the major mining and mineral companies of Iran regarding the supply of Nima currency are as follows:

1. If oil exports fall below 1 million barrels per day, steel makers and the mining sector will provide basic supplies, and their export growth will be strategic and national.

2. The consumption of export currency is allowed by the companies, and at the time of ordering, fill in the currency of the applicant and the relevant certificate number to the bank.

3- It seems to be magnified about the country`s exports, and there is no news of $ 40 billion in Nima! It is necessary for the Ministry of Health to balance Nima`s supply with the industry`s demand (raw materials, debts and obligations). The central bank can not supply the industry currency, and the current policy of the bank is non-interference in the market

4. The bottlenecks for the allocation of foreign currencies are now the Ministry of Health`s specialized offices that are responsible for prioritizing the demand. Development needs to be stopped and operational issues in the order

5- 90% of the Nima system is currently being financed from the petrochemicals and the mining and steel will be added to it immediately.

6. There are a lot of resources available in South Korea and the Central Bank is ready to invest in South Korea with the Indian Rupee. Expansion of trade with Russia is a necessity to increase foreign currency exchanges of two countries, which is limited in the oil sector

7- A special training course will be organized by the Central Bank for export-oriented industries and how to supply the export currency at Nima System as soon as possible.

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