Removing intermediaries from the commodity market with the decision of the Supreme Council of the Exchange
Mining News Pro - The head of Tehran`s industry, mining and trade organization said that the Supreme Securities Exchange Council`s measure of realizing commodity prices plays an important role in market transparency and leads to the elimination of false claims and intermediaries from commodity trading.

According to Mining News Pro -Yadollah Sadiqi, head of Tehran`s Industry, Mining and Trade Organization, said that with the realization of commodity prices, the only real consumers would be to purchase raw materials, which would help stabilize the market, saying: By changing the base The price of goods ranges from 4200 Toman to the secondary currency, the availability of raw materials to manufacturers will be better and more convenient, and we will no longer see the efforts of unrealistic applicants to receive goods and trades.

The head of Tehran`s industry, mining, and trade organization added: "Today, the manufacturing units have a problem in terms of liquidity and one has to think in order to ensure that their financial resources are provided and that production is done at an appropriate speed," he said.

He emphasized that the real prices, which are highlighted by the Supreme Council of Bourgeoisie, are in the interests of producers and the calmness of the country`s markets.

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