The entrance of the parliament to the pricing of steel products
Mining News Pro - The parliament`s economic commission chairman said parliamentarians are quickly reviewing the issue of steel pricing in the formal commodity market, and if necessary through the Supreme Economic Co-operation Council, the issue would be raised and there would be a chance to review and modify higher-pricing approvals.


According to Mining News Pro - Last week, the shareholders of steel and mineral companies in a letter addressed to Ishaq Jahangiri criticized the pricing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the steel industry and considered it to be a victory for themselves and manufacturers, and that by supplying the product in the commodity market Only $ 40,000 traders have actually benefited.
Following this letter-writing and protests in the area, the head of the Economic Affairs Committee of the Majlis`s Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade announced today the arrival of the parliament on this incident.

In this regard, the head of the Economic Commission of the Parliament told reporters: "We do our best to solve the problem of industries, because prices must be affected by the supply and demand mechanism for the end consumer, so that they do not enter the consumer." And at the same time, the manufacturer is happy with the sale of his product. Unfortunately, it should not be said that the current situation does not suffice for the country`s economy.

Mohammad Reza Pour Abrahamid added: "The most important help to boycott the country`s producers in order to better produce and export; eliminate any rents and economic corruption."
The representative of the Kerman and Rawar people in parliament added: "With the recent conditions of the steel market, which are priced in an orderly manner, neither the shareholders of the companies have incentives to continue to invest, nor the producers to continue production, and in the meantime, reports We have come to the conclusion that the role of speculators in this ranthasis mechanism has been solid.

He stressed: "The annual export of steel in the steel sector should be increased in line with the requirements of domestic supply and in this regard, we need to plan and take action."

The head of the Economic Commission of the Islamic Republic of Iran replied to Tsenim`s correspondent on the correction of the price of the currency in light of the new currency package and the need to revise the recent Ministry of Interior`s "SMT" tariff quotation. According to the price correction of the secondary market and the fact that the manufacturing companies From the product itself, it should be noted that once the price is accepted internally, the final consumer will benefit from the rate of command of the products.

"In the sense of ending consumer inequality, the rate of command for products reflects the risk of rent and corruption in the economy, while the shareholder and investor of the company do not have incentives to stay and maintain a fundamentally significant share in the seller`s stock.

This member of the Supreme Economic Council, in response to the question posed by the Ministry of Housing and Mortgage under the supervision and control of the market and which basically does not appear to be pricing illegally, has explained: "However, pricing is in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Health It is, but not the price, which is harmful to the producer and is in the interests of the intermediaries.

"We do not think that this policy is correct, and any pricing is wrong," he said. If the manufacturer of the goods is compelled to sell at 4200 USD, we should know that the commodity reaches the final consumer in the same currency, but recent surveys show that this has not happened completely and accurately. That is, every household should be able to supply its own commodity at a rate of 4200 USD, and the conditions should not be imposed in such a way as to impose on the final consumer pressure of rents, and on the other hand the profit will not be paid by the producer, Benefit.

Pour-e-Ebrahimi emphasized: the supply of steel products at an orderly price depends on the private sector`s use of prices, because otherwise it will result in rents and economic corruption and, in addition to being an obstacle to exports,He said that, besides, the price of orders and rents would lead to an increase in the cost of companies, while the sanctions would not be a barrier to production and exports.

Representative of the people of Kerman and Rawar in the Majles said: It is estimated that about 30 trillion tomans will be obtained from the difference in the price of the command line at an agreed rate in the area of steel products. If this 30 trillion tomans reaches the final consumer, we consider this important, The help of steel companies to the people and the observance of the rights of the state that should be properly evaluated and investigated, but based on the reports, the latest edition of the Financial Intelligence Manual has given the conditions to the benefit of the intermediaries.

At the end of the meeting, the head of the Economic Commission of the Parliament promised: the house of the nation will quickly examine the issue of steel pricing in the official market of goods, and, if necessary, will raise the issue through the Supreme Economic Coordination Council and the possibility of revising and changing the pricing laws at the highest levels.

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