Production of the first billet in Sirjan Jahan Steel Complex by November 97
Mining News Pro - Managing director of Sirjan Jahan Steel Complex, on the sidelines of the operation of the air compressor system of the factory, said: Using specialist engineers, domestic and domestic capacity and equipment, the equipment of this plant is produced on the basis of the technology of the day, the steel mill is produced this year.


According to Minig News Pro - Sirjan Jahan Steel Complex CEO Ali Abbaslu said: Sirjan Steel Jahan Factory is the only steel production center in the country that concentrates feedstock from iron ore to concentrate and steel ingot at one point, and will not load any raw materials or feed as planned.

Abbaslu announced the investment of 5 trillion Toman in the Sirjan Steel Complex and said: Currently, the sponge iron plant produces one million tons of sponge iron in Golgohar, Sirjan, and the rebar factory in Bardsir produces 500 thousand tons. A total of 1,600 engineers and young people in the region have been employed. With the start of the steel mill`s production plant, more than 400 others are employed, with indirect employment rates of more than 6,000.

He added about the development plan: The design and operation of the engineering works for the construction and restoration of another factory producing sponge iron with a capacity of 1 million and 200 thousand tons next year, and the sanctions not only did not make us hard, but the strong and determined determination of the workers and engineers We continue to finish the designs using the necessary indigenous expertise, and where the motive and love is the will of the steel work, we started from the first with the name Steel, and with this steel determination, we succeeded in making steel successfully.

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