The production wheel moved in Ahwaz Steel National Industrial Group
Mining News Pro - With the efforts of Khodadad Gharibpour, the managing director of the National Development Group and Ghafouri, the managing director of the National Steel Group, the wheel was launched in the Ahwaz Steel National Industrial Group.


According to Mining News Pro - With follow-ups and plans by Khodadad Gharibpour, Managing Director of National Development Group and Ghafouri, Managing Director of the National Steel Group, the entry of raw materials (feed) of the Ahwaz Steel Industrial Company (Ahwaz) from Khuzestan province began.

With the arrival of the raw materials of the Kursar factory and the steel making and tubing of the national group, it will begin again after months and new blood will flow into the arteries of this large industrial unit.

The closure of the production line of the industrial plant resulted in the expulsion of workers and the failure to pay their salaries and benefits, as some workers in the factory launched strikes in Ahvaz and in front of the Islamic Consultative Assembly in Ahvaz.

Jawad Kazem Nasab al-Baji, the Ahwaz representative in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, appreciating the efforts of engineer Gharibpour and Dr. Ghafouri to re-launch the Ahwaz steel production line, said: launching this production line has been a source of joy for garages and provincial officials.

He said: by re-launching the production line, the workers will return to their former work, and the Ahwaz steel industry will accelerate as before.

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