Changing the German monetary rules to prevent money transfers to Iran
Mining News Pro - The Wall Street Journal says the German authorities have been persuaded by the ambassadors of the US government to change their monetary rules to prevent the transfer of 300 million euros from Hamburg to Iran.


According to Mining News Pro - A widely-publicized American newspaper claims that the German government is seeking to enact laws that prohibit transfers of money to Iran.
As the Wall Street Journal reports, the primary purpose of this law is to prevent the transfer of a million euro cash in one of the banks of Hamburg; German officials recently said that Iran had demanded withdrawal of this money from its account at Iran-Europe Bank Is. This bank belongs to Iran.

US officials told the Wall Street Journal that drafting a new law, prepared by experts from the German Central Bank, is likely to prevent the transfer of this 300 million euros to Iran. The Central Bank of Germany has confirmed the principle of the impending change of laws without mentioning the reason for its decision to apply these changes to the German monetary rules.

The Wall Street Journal claims that this change in the German monetary rules, the direct result of the lobbying of US government envoys and its goal, is to prevent the transfer of money from Germany to Iran.

The new law is being enforced on August 3rd (August 25th), and, as it appears in the draftsman, is preventing financial transfers "a threat to important relationships with central banks and third-country financial institutions."

After the withdrawal, the US government has begun a full-blown effort to exert pressure on Iran and cut off the financial ties between the European countries and Iran. The American ambassador to Germany has repeatedly called on the government to cut off its financial relations with Iran.

The president of the United States, Donald Tramp, dumped May 18 and set 90-day and 180-day announcements to return Iran`s sanctions; the 180-day deadline will end on November 13, and the Bank of Iran will be sanctioned on that day.

According to the law, the German central bank can enter and prevent large-scale financial transactions that can be linked to "money laundering" or "terrorist financing"; also, if the central bank of Germany concludes that the German bank , Has not provided sufficient guarantees for the lack of transfer of money to the terrorists, can stop payment.

In this new law, the recognition of all cases is the responsibility of the German central bank, and it is not a question of membership in the FATF.

Two US officials have said that the Germans did not want to go to the state at the state level to transfer 300 million euros to Iran, but Tramp`s messengers, showing the classified documents, convinced them that the money was spent to support terrorism, and then Berlin has agreed to change its monetary rules.

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