The forecast for the production of 180 thousand tons of anode until the end of 97 at the Sarcheshmeh copper complex
Mining News Pro - Hamed Madadi, Director of Melting of Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex, said the plant will produce more than 180,000 tons of anodes this year, with production efficiency rising from 60 percent in 1996 to more than 90 percent this year.

According to Mining News Pro, Director of Melting of Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex referred to the installation of Sarcheshmeh Furnace Furnace, said last year: the project was a project that had been put on the agenda of the Copper Company over the past years, but in 96 it was decided to do so. Eventually, August 30, the Reverb furnaces were turned off until a flash was launched and the first flash charge was made on September 4, 1996.

"But the plan was stopped because of problems, and again, the 12th of September, the flash flask was charged, and we were able to produce 13 anodes during the casting operation, but again due to a factory fire, the factory stopped production operations for about two months.

Maddai pointed out that the incident was an opportunity for the copper company to prove its own capabilities. When the MCC electric control fire broke out, the Otothek company did not allow us to access the electricity boards, but the Electrical Engineering Department of the Melting Plant started to use all the AutoCAD boards He captured the moment at the time of the photo and film, and in fact, using the reverse engineering, solved the problem.

He stated: "We were able to do something that, according to Otothek, it was possible to do at least 6 months, in 45 days, and finally in the second of November 96, flash technology entered the production line without any problems.

Madadi pointed out that since November, 1996, the process of production of anode was started at the factory and we went on the way to reach the optimal point, saying that since the start of the 2nd of November, we had a upward trend, and the production of anode from November was 6,950 tons. Farvardin was about 16 thousand and 100 tons, bringing the efficiency of the smelting plant from 61 percent to 97 percent, and we can really say that the melting, God helped, and we succeeded.

"If the acid factory is set up, many problems and concerns will be resolved," said Madadi, stating that all staff and company staff are set to launch in the second six months of the year, Sulfuric acid plant.

Director of Melting Sarcheshmeh Affairs, referring to the effects of the fall in the price of the Furnace Furnace, said the Reverb furnaces used 6 Airflow Burners with 1000 liters of fuel, 6,000 liters per hour in normal use. In addition, we had two stoves with 12 thousand liters per hour, which was reduced to 4 thousand liters per hour at the end of the work due to reduced fuel consumption. Considering this reduction in fossil fuels and the simultaneous increase in the production of the melting plant, it can be said that this technology has led to a reduction in the price of copper company`s anodes.

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