The presence of documentary makers in Golgohar mines
Mining News Pro - Tomorrow, a group of documentary filmmakers will go to Gulf Gauger for two days from mines and minerals.

According to Mining News Pro - On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, Golgohar`s Mineral and Industrial Company hosts more than 30 documentaries, aiming at establishing a close link between the production sector and the documentary film industry.

The program, in collaboration with the public relations department of IMIDRO and Gulgohar, will be followed by filmmakers from the mines of the company and processing plants, and will also have meetings with its executives. Golgohar, which is now the title of the largest iron ore producer in Iran, has several programs in production and infrastructure up to 1404 horizons.

Imidru started designing and planning for the introduction of mining and mineral industries more than last year, and the chairman of the executive committee, IMIDRO, also held meetings with cinema directors and researchers.

Finding creative ideas and making documentary works in this part of the economy is one of the ways that reflects the capabilities of mining and mineral industries to domestic and foreign investors.

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