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Mining News Pro - China - largest importer of Australian iron ore has consistently reduced its purchases over preference for high-grade Brazilian ore.

Mining News Pro - Rio Tinto , the world’s second largest listed mining company, is exploring a public listing of its Iron Ore Company of Canada business, banking and industry sources said, as it focuses on boosting revenue from its flagship Australian assets.

Mining News Pro - According to statistics, Brazil exported 21.2 million tons of iron ore to China in July.

Mining News Pro - The tenth largest importer of Iron ore, Turkey has recorded decline in iron ore imports in June`18. The imports recorded at 0.61 MnT in June`18, down 42% M-o-M as against 1.05 MnT in May`18. The Y-o-Y imports witnessed decrease of 20% in June`18 as against 0.76 MnT in June`17.

Mining News Pro - New spending by some of the world`s largest iron ore miners is tightening the market for jobs and support services in Australia`s biggest mining region, bringing a sense of optimism after years in the doldrums.

Mining News Pro - According to the Vessel line up data maintained by the SteelMint, Indian iron ore exports in Jul`18 witnessed at 0.17 MnT, down 50% M-o-M as against 0.34 MnT in Jun`18. The exports have dropped to lowest since Sept`15 which remained nil. On yearly basis, iron ore exports have come down by 71% as against 0.59 MnT in Jul’17.

Mining News Pro - Indian iron ore imports in July`18 recorded at 1.55 MnT, according to the customs data maintained with SteelMint. On monthly basis, imports have increased by 68% as against 0.92 MnT in June`18. On yearly basis imports depicted rise of 40% as compared to July`17 imports at 1.11 MnT.

Mining News Pro - The Minister of Mining and Trade opened the first concentrate production plant from Hematite low iron ore in Zarand, Kerman.

Mining News Pro - According to market sources report to SteelMint, offers for imported South African lump to India have inched up following increase in lump premium and global prices.. As per sources, South African lumps offer is hovering around USD 92/MT, CFR India.

Mining News Pro - World`s second largest exporter of iron ore - Brazil has recorded 15% Y-o-Y increase in export volumes to 36 MnT in July`18 as compared to July`17 exports at 31.31 MnT, according to trade statistics released by Brazil customs.

Mining News Pro - South African iron ore exports to India recorded at 0.95 MnT, decline of 80% M-o-M

Mining News Pro - The head of the IMIDRO Agency announced that the first hematite iron ore processing plant in the country will be opened Saturday at the presence of the Minister of Industry and Trade in Jalalabad, Zarand, Kerman province.

Mining News Pro - Japan, the second largest iron ore importer of the world, recorded iron ore imports at 10.69 MnT in June`18 as against 11.61 MnT in May`18. However, on yearly basis, imports stood in line with June`17 imports at 10.63 MnT.

Mining News Pro - Odisha - India`s largest iron ore producing state has witnessed minor decrease of 4% M-o-M in Jun`18, owing to monsoons as compared to May`18 production at 9.55 MnT. The figures include material type - fines, lump and concentrate.

Mining News Pro - Bahrain: Iron ore import drops 71% M-o-M in June`18

Mining News Pro - The increasing trend in iron ore prices is due to the strengthening of steel prices and expectations of the market`s positive, although Chinese tartar is worried about the devaluation of the national currency.

Mining News Pro - Fortescue Metals Group - world`s 4th largest iron ore producer, depicted total shipments at 169.7 MnT in FY18, in line with laid guidance of 170 MnT. However, the FY’18 shipments stood slightly down as against 170.4 MnT in same period last fiscal FY’17(July`16-June`17).

Mining News Pro - According to customs data maintained with SteelMint, Indian iron ore imports in June`18 witnessed at 0.92 MnT, lowest since Jan`18. It depicted a fall of 42% M-o-M as against 1.59 MnT in May`18.

Mining News Pro - Iran`s iron ore exports have generally been weakened due to increased demand for high-grade iron ore and China`s ash as well as a decrease in imports from the main buyer, China.

Mining News Pro - Iron ore price for Fe 62% fines has been witnessing increase since the beginning of last week. Benchmark iron ore fines (Fe 62%) index increased today and is assessed at USD 65.2/MT CFR, China against USD 63/MT a week ago. Thus on W-o-W basis, it has climbed by USD 2.2/MT.

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