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Mining News Pro - The massive production of ingots required by the UIC60 rails until the end of November

Mining News Pro - Abbas Khatibi Soltari Deputy Minister of Construction and Development of Railways, Ports and Airports of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, along with representatives of Khatam-ol-Anbia`s construction site and a group of managers and experts of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development while visiting the production line of molten rail Esfahan steel company met with the managing director and other officials of the company, Mansur Yazdizadeh.

Mining News Pro - Esfahan Steel, one of the largest producer of finished long steel of Iran has successfully produced the first 1,000 MT of UIC60 rails which is used in high speed rails. It is to be noted that in the month of Jul’18 ESCO has already produced U33 rails as part of ESCO`s commitment to produce 40,000 tons of tracks.

Mining News Pro - At the meeting of the Eastern Railway Administrative Council, with the presence of the Deputy Railways Minister, the means of transporting part of the mines of Afghanistan by the Iranian Railways were examined.

Mining News Pro - The managing director of Esfahan Steel Company announced the possibility of producing steel rails in Esfahan Steel Company and said: Steel company has entered the phase of steel production required for rails.

Mining News Pro - Managing Director of Metil Steel Holdings announced plans to extend the transportation of Mobarakeh Steel and Combined Steel products.

Mining News Pro - The guaranteeing methods for attracting the Chabahar-Sarakhs railroad investor are the transfer of part of the eastern non-productive mines to the investor, along with the activation of the mining capacity of the East, the owner of the line can also benefit from the extraction of minerals.

Mining News - Metil Steel Holding Managing Director announced the connection of five centers in Arak, Isfahan, Tabriz, Tehran and Mashhad to the country`s railroads and said: "Holding Metil is preparing the dry ports of Mobarakeh Steel and the rail network for the transportation of steel products for the better development of substructures.

Mining News - General Manager of Yazd Railway, announced the release of 5 million and 683 thousand tons of minerals, concentrates and other shipments during the current quarter in the General Directorate.

Mining News - During a special ceremony on the eve of Eid al-Fitr, with the presence of the Isfahan Railways and Zobahan Railways, the first national rail freight shipped by the Railroad Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran was officially joined by Iran to join the rail-producing countries. This cargo is 500 tons of U33 rails, which is manufactured in accordance with the latest technologies in the world and is fully compliant with European standard EN13674.

Mining News - The railways technical and infrastructure department, referring to the loading of the first shipment of domestic production rails by the company, said in a contract of 40 thousand tons, said the rails are U33 and weighs 500 tons.

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