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Mining News Pro - According to SteelMint, Mobarakeh Steel Co, as Iran’s greatest steel maker, has been able to produce 5.2 million tons of crude steel.

Mining News Pro - Mobarakeh Steel Co. said that Mobarakeh Steel produces more than 10 million tons of steel, half of the country`s steel, which is considered to be the country`s largest industrial enterprise. The company wants to maintain a market share of 50% and, accordingly, is paying particular attention to quality and standardization.

Mining News Pro - For the first time in the country, Mobarakeh Steel Company`s powerful staff, in cooperation with domestic appliance companies, succeeded in producing the High Gloss color sheet used in household artifacts such as refrigerators, washing machines and ... of the highest quality.

Mining News Pro - Hamid Reza Azimian, Managing Director of Mobarakeh Steel Group, during the visit of the caretakers and steel companies of Sefiddadasht, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, emphasized on the production of the necessary sheet of paper for the automobile industry of the country and the setting up of the Sefiddasht Steel Plant as soon as possible.

Mining News Pro - According to the report, Mobarakeh steel production in the first 7 months of the first year produced 2 844 thousand tons of hot sheets, 839 thousand tons of cold sheets and 167 thousand tons of cover products.

Mining News Pro - Mobarakeh Steel Company`s chairman of stock and assemblies in Esfahan announced the increase in net profit of the company and said: Mobarakeh Steel Company has been able to earn the most net profit since its exploitation in the past year.

Mining News Pro - Mobarakeh Steel in Isfahan during the six months ended September 31, 97 per share was 533 Rials, equivalent to 39,967 billion Rials of net profit, up 74% from the same period last year.

Mining News Pro - For the first time in the country, after the evaluation of the EFQM evaluators, the Mobarakeh Steel Company of Isfahan won the award with a score of over 600 gold medals (GOLD).

Mining News Pro -Managing director of Mobarakeh Steel Company at the meeting of the company`s management committee, after hearing the report of the managers of the areas and various parts of the company, stated: "Visiting production lines and meeting with colleagues in the regions, the commitment of the organization to each one was well known. That the company`s employees are interested in their work and solving the issues of the company are highly valued

Mining News Pro - At present, Mobarakeh Steel has reduced the use of water in production by using waste water, which consumes 4.4 tenth of a meter cubic meters of steel for each steel plant, which consumes 6 tbs. Cubic meters of water in other Iranian steel structures.

Mining News Pro -  The deputy chairman of the Mobarakeh Steel Company, Esfahan, made a clear statement after the news that Mobarakeh Steel was placed on the list of new US sanctions imposed on the US Treasury last night.

Mining News Pro - The head of the Ministry of Transportation and Road Administration of the city of Mobarakeh announced the return of the process of loading of steel products and products of the city`s cement industry.

Mining News Pro - The trade bank refused to sell the 2.48% block of Mobarakeh Steel this week to continue to be a major shareholder in the company.

Mining News Pro - With the decision of the Board, 73 percent of Mobarakeh Steel`s capital was raised from 75 thousand billion Rials to 130 thousand billion Rials from the profit margin.

Mining News Pro - At present, the price of a share of two companies is less than 1000 Rials, which is the reduction in the number of shares below this price due to recent stock prices of the stock index.

Mining News Pro - Mobarakeh Steel reported its first-half performance report, which reported a 46 percent increase in sales revenues, due to increased sales volumes. The company earned $ 159,357,143 to $ 233,571,429.

Mining News Pro - Mobarakeh Steel reported its first-half performance report, which reported a 46 percent increase in sales revenues, due to increased sales volumes. The company earned $ 159,357,143 to $ 2,335,714,286.

Mining News Pro - The trading bank will sell and sell 2.5% Mobarakeh Steel on the 11th of October for a price of $ 600.

Mining News Pro - Heydar Ali Abedi, during a visit to Mobarakeh Steel, in a meeting with Dr Sobhani, the CEO and a group of its deputies and executives, emphasizing that our country needs more than ever to develop productive and productive industries and enterprises, measures Mobarakeh Steel has been praised for gaining success in the field of economic and national production and noted: Mobarakeh Steel is one of the most important national projects after the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution, and its performance during the work activity is the pride of the regime and every Iranian.

Mining News Pro - Bahram Sobhani, CEO of Mobarakeh Steel, and Ms. Somayeh Mahmoudi, a representative of Shahreza and Dehaqan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, met to discuss and discuss the latest state of the economy and industry at the national and provincial level.

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