Conference, Notes and Press Conference

Mining News Pro - The chairman of the executive committee of IMIDRO today held an intimate meeting with reporters. Mehdi Karbasiyan firstly thanked the media co-sponsor for the development of Iran`s mining and mineral industries, saying: "This section has been developing and we will have new openings soon."

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Mining News Pro - The second national photo of the mine photo will be held this fall and in the second half of November.

Mining News Agency -Mehdi Karbasian expressed of Last year’s budget which has been allocated to IMIDRO was 750 billion IRRs but we only received 160 billion IRRs.

Mining News Agency- Despite the fact that 5% of Iran’s gross domestic product is from mine sector, 22% of the exports is related to this field, an official said.

Mining News Agency - Directing manager of Danieli Persia: "We invested in a very big facrotry in Iran and want to expand our activities."

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