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Mining News Pro - But Mr.Dadashi, a representative of the people of Astara in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, said: "Comparing the amount paid by the Industry and Mine Bank to the industrial sector is more than the other banks of the country, the bank is the supporter of the manufacturing sector, and it can safely be said that the support of the bank It is said to support artisans.

Mining News Pro - Due to the fact that a new chapter for Goharzamin has begun and the company is scheduled to be admitted to the market, it has an active presence in exhibitions and assemblies such as Kish INVEX and the International Fair, Bank and Insurance.

Mining News Pro - The FATF raises the nation`s international reputation in the world, which has its own advantages.

Mining News Pro - The Bank of Industry and Mine as the operating bank has paid more than $ 4 billion and $ 125 million of foreign currency funds from the National Development Fund for financing industrial projects by the end of September.

Mining News Pro - A member of the board of directors of the Majles Industries and Mines Commission commented on the financial performance of the Industry and Mine Bank.

Mining News Pro - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced that it will hold its annual summit on the current challenges of emerging economies, such as the collapse of national currencies, in Bali, Indonesia to support its victims.

Mining News Pro - Maral Industries Javid has been active in the production of trailers, with a capacity of 1,500 units per year, with a total investment of USD 7,142,857, and now it has more than 250 employees with a facility of USD 2,857,143.

Mining News Pro - The bank is committed to providing significant financing for the development of the transport sector, especially in the rail transport sector, and the pledge is estimated to reach 6 billion euros, the managing director of the Industry and Mine Bank said.

Mining News Pro - With the decision of the Board, 73 percent of Mobarakeh Steel`s capital was raised from 75 thousand billion Rials to 130 thousand billion Rials from the profit margin.

Mining News Pro - The Bank of Industry and Mine is also in the financing and payment of facilities to the small and medium industries of the country with a privileged position in the country, which has taken steps in creating employment in different parts of the country.

Mining News Pro - Management Abhar Cable Co. He thanked the Industry and Mine Bank for supporting the artisans.

Mining News Pro - Hossein Mehri, chairman of the board of directors and managing director of the Industry and Mine Bank, said the industry and mining bank in 2017 will spend 2,380,952,381 dollars on the facility to 3,000 industrial units.

Mining News Pro - Two industrial designs were launched in 2017 with the facilities of the Bank of Industry and Mine in West Azarbaijan province.

Mining News Pro - In 2013, five industrial projects with the facilities of the Bank of Industry and Mine in Sistan and Baluchestan province were exploited.

Mining News Pro - Since the beginning of the year, more than 5.5 billion euros have been provided for the supply of basic and essential goods to the people, the Central Bank said.

Mining News Pro - Union Bank of India is pulling out of the global diamond hub of Antwerp, joining a retreat of lenders from the industry, which has been hit by fraud and bad debt.

Mining News Pro - The financing of 12 steel projects was carried out by the Bank of Industry and Mine. The value of this project is worth 2.5 billion euros.

Mining News Pro - Dervish Amiri, the governor of Zanjan, thanked the customers by sending a letter from the Industry and Mine Bank for the service.

Mining News Pro - The presentation ceremony of the Managing Director of the Industry and Mines Bank was held today with the presence of the Deputy Minister of Economy.

Mining News Pro - At a ceremony attended by Ardakaniyan Minister of Energy, Islamic Governor of Mazandaran and Hossein Askari, Member of the Board of Directors of the Industry and Mine Bank of the Gas Power Plant of the West Mazandaran Combined Cycle Power Plant

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