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Mining News Pro - 133 industrial projects with 29,761,905 dollars. Facilities of the bank of industry and mining in different parts of our country during the last year was exploited.

Mining News Pro - The growing trend, improved capital adequacy ratios, and favorable liquidity ratios are interpretations that the International Institute (Capital Intelligence) has used in its latest report on the Iranian Export Development Bank.

Mining News Pro - In the first two months of this year, 21 industrial projects benefited from the facilities of the Bank of Industry and Mines in 14 provinces of the country have begun operations.

Mining News Pro - The Mining Insurance Investment Fund announced its performance report for the past year, broken down by period. According to the report, the $ 42380000 insurance and mortgage guarantee was issued by the fund in 2017.

Mining News Pro - Iran, one of the largest steel producer in MENA region is likely to face US sanctions, due to which many of the nations who are supporting US sanctions are stepping back to trade with Iran. Recently Japanese bank have stopped handling all Iran-related transactions to meet a November deadline set by the United States. Against all the odds, India agreed to open a branch of Iranian Bank in Mumbai.

Mining News Pro - The chairman of the IMIDRO board of directors at the Annual General Assembly of the Investment Fund for Mineral Resources Investment (Year of 2017) said: record capital increase fund, support for mines, development of rural mines, research activities to better introduce the development role of the Infernal Insurance Fund in the government and parliament, as well as focusing on exploration operations, priority should be given to the fund`s programs.

Mining News - MELBOURNE – After clinching a deal with a Chinese battery maker in 2016, James Brown figured bankers would be eager to fund his new lithium mine. Altura Mining was racing to ship the raw material from Australia to the world’s biggest electric vehicle market as demand was surging.

Mining News - Hamedan hosts two major international events this year, hosting its 500 members from more than 150 countries affiliated with the World Tourism Organization, with the province`s choice as Asia`s capital for tourism. It will also host foreign ministers from 34 Asian countries this year.

"Mining News: Three steel designs of Madukto Steel Cord, Steel Gostar Athena and Zagros Avon Steel will be exploited by financing the industry and mining bank in Ilam province."

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