Cement and Materials

Mining News Pro - If the construction of 400 thousand new residential units in Iran is carried out in accordance with the plan, the annual demand for cement in the country will increase by about 3 to 4 million tons.

Mining News Pro - The Bolivian government will verify the quality of imported cement as of the start of this year and if found to be insufficient, the consignment will not be allowed to enter the country, according to Eugenio Rojas, the country’s minister of Productive Development.

Mining News Pro - FCT Combustion has been awarded a kiln conversion project by an unnamed cement company.

Mining News Pro - The head of the Cement Industry Employers Association said that exports of cement and clinker increased by 17.3% during the first five months of this year.

Mining News Pro - The head of the Guild of Cement Industries said that the volume of cement production in the five months of this year amounted to 24.55 thousand and 446 tons, which shows an increase of more than 244.1 thousand tons compared to the same period last year.

Mining News Pro - The white cement factory in Azna was hit by the presence of the minister of industry, mining and commerce.

Mining News Pro - A cement expert said that cement consumption in the two months of this month has dropped by two percentage points from the previous month, saying that the price of cement has not changed and will not increase.

Mining News Pro - Head of Industry, Mine and Trade Organization of Bushehr province said that 15 production projects will be opened in the government week in Bushehr province.

Mining News - Neelachal Ispat Nigam Limited (NINL) produced 3105 MT hot metal on June 28, 2018 to record the highest single-day production since inception. The Kalinga Nagar based company also registered the highest single-day Pig Iron production of 2935 MT on the same day.

Mining News - Consolidating its leadership in the scenario of the energy transition in Chile and the world, ENGIE Energía Chile (EECL) has signed an important contract to ...

Mining News Agency -According to the US Department of Commerce(DOC) data showed US nickel scrap exports were about 2,300 tons in November 2017, increased by 16.6% to 1,973 tons compared with last month.

Mining News Agency - A gap between local production and demand is expected to lead to a deficit in cement for the next three to four years to 2020.

Mining News Agency - The Cement Manufacturers Association (CMA) says that the local cement industry has 100Mt/yr of excess production capacity out of a total 425Mt/yr.

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