Mobarakeh Steel Produced 43 Percent of Iran’s DRI
Mining News Pro - Last year, companies have produced total amount of 24 million tons of DRI in Iran. Mobarakeh Steel’s share was more than 10.5 million tons.

According to Mining News Pro - Mokhtar Bakhshian, Mobarakeh Deputy of Operation told this news. “Last year, the amount of DRI produced was about 7.1 million tons in direct reduced units of Mobarakeh Steel Co, more than 1.7 million tons in Hormozgan Steel Co, 1.2 million tons in Saba Steel Co and 554 thousand tons in Sefid-dasht”, he said.

“Considering the importance of steel and its impact on the economy, Mobarakeh and Saba Steel Companies are planning to produce 7.5 million tons of steel products this year, which had 4.6 percent growth in comparison to the last year”, Bakhshian said.

He continued: "In the production of hot rollings in the Mobarakeh Steel Company and the Saba Steel Complex, 6.5 million tons of product has been planted, which represents 2 percent growth. Also, in the cold and coated products section of Mobarakeh Steel Company, the company experienced 2 percent growth.”

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