Iran’s Production of Iron Ore Concentrate Reached 42 Million Tons
Mining News Pro - The production of iron ore concentrate increased by 19 percent in the 11 months of this year.

According to Mining News Pro - Major producers of iron ore in Iran, produced 41.9 tons of iron ore concentrate. Last year, Iran produced 35.1 million tons.

Of this amount, Gol Gohar mining company produced 14.5 million tons. After that, Chador Malu with the production of 8.2 million tons has stood in the second place. Iran Central Iron Ore Co. with 4.9 million tons was in the third place and after them, MIDHCO 4.5 with million tons, Gohar Zamin with 4.6 million tons, Opal Parsian Sangan with 2.7 million tons, NIMIDCO with 1.48 million tons, Saba Nour with 1.2 million tons and Jalal Abad with 485.7 thousand tons of iron ore concentrate are following the three.

According to a report, six major mining companies has produced 6.4 million tons of granulated iron ore, which has increased by 15 percent compared to the last year.

Sangan Iron Ore Co. produced 1.7 million tons of this amount. After this company, Saba Nour, Iran Central Iron Ore Co., Falat Markazi Co., Chador Malu and Mishdowan Company has respectively produced 1.6, 1.3 million tons and 916.7, 378.2 and 62.2 thousand tons of granulated iron ore.

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