Iran Will Reach the Production Capacity of 55 Million tons of Steel Sooner than 2026
Mining News Pro - CEO of Esfahan Steel Company (ESC) talk about the unbalanced growth effects of the steel industry in Kish Island Conference.

According to Mining News Pro - “Iran’s unbalanced steel development factors can affect the industry for incoming years, So it is necessary to recognize and analyze the solutions. This issue suspended the growth of production capacities and currently, Esfahan Steel Co. is just using 55 percent of its production capacity due to the lack of iron ore”, Mansour Yazdizadeh, CEO of Esfahan Steel Company said.

He also said that Iran may reach 55 million tons of steel earlier than 2026, but this does not occur in all steel chain loops. Mining investment is have some serious problems and if it continues, the iron ore resources will finish in 2033.

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