PERED, Pioneer in Export of Iranian Technology
Mining News Pro - The first commercial gas-based DRI plant commissioned by HYLSAMEX Mexican Company, called HYL Technology, in 1957.

According to Mining News Pro - American technology called Midrex demonstrated the first plant in 1970. 

PERED technology was registered in 2006 by MME Company as third technology in this field (Direct Reduction Gas based).
One hundred countries in the world have natural gas resources, and over 70 percent of these resources are located in the Middle East and Commonwealth of Nations countries. Iran has the second ranking of NG gas resources in the world. Australia, Russia, and Brazil have the most iron resources in the world and Iran have 10th ranking in the world.
Iran is one of the countries that have a huge amount of natural gas and iron resources simultaneously as the main feeds of DRI plants. It has had the right orientation towards the creation and development of a wide range of sponge iron plants and this concept has been completed by localized Iranian technology of PERED.
Considering water limitations in Iran and high consumption of it in steel plants, proper locations for projects (near the sea) can fulfill thoroughly all requirements of construction and development of this industry. 

Iran has many DRI plants and by long experiences in this industry lots of experts have been trained in the field of operation so that most of the innovations in this technology have been developed by appropriate feedback from the operation of Iranian plants to the technology owners. This industry in Iran also has been caused to development of related industries so almost all of the equipment can be fabricated in the country and the competitive price of local equipment can be considered as a very effective factor for technology export along with exporting of related key equipment. 

According to huge natural gas resources in the neighbor countries as well as the available conditions for the development of these countries and the need for the construction of steel industries, these countries are considered as a very good market for Iran.

PERED technology with deep knowledge of sponge iron plant and the ability to offer a wide range of products (Cold Sponge Iron, Hot Sponge Iron, Hot briquette or Combination of these products) with a variety of capacities, not only has targeted a long-term planning for Iran`s projects, but also it has focused on exporting technology along with equipment and other engineering services. As in the China project, taking into account China`s vast capabilities in manufacturing equipment (as many equipments is currently imported from China to other countries), in addition to the PERED technology, part of the equipment was also supplied. Certainly, for other countries, this technology package could include much more equipment and it could be a strategic and technological product.

Currently, Iran is the largest producer of gas based sponge iron in the world and also lots of the plants along with professional specialists and product variety and plant capacities in Iran can provide a very important condition for the increasing development of PERED technology Because feedback from the plants along with the MME engineering and design team can cause promotion for this technology more ever. These PERED benefits, along with low capital cost and operation costs, can introduce this localized Iranian technology as a top pioneer for Iranian technology export.

MME`s great credit for PERED technology is the commissioned PERED plants in Iran, which after several years of successful operation, they are producing the best product with the highest quality, and their production parameters are superior to the other technologies. These plants include Shadegan, Miyaneh, and Neyriz, which have been visited by many foreign clients as verified references. Meanwhile, the Baft project, which will be commissioned next year, similar to China project, will be new references for this localized Iranian technology.

Iran as the largest producer of gas based DRI, currently is facing some sanctions and as a result, it needs to pay more attention to maximizing use of internal abilities because of its independency and superiority furthermore, we will be able to develop sustainable technology without relying on foreign companies and foreign countries.

Technology that is developed by local will have a minimal effect from sanctions. PERED technology, due to being expanded by Iranian experts, and relies on the valuable feedback of the operation can be stably developed and it can be improved according to the specific conditions of the raw materials and special requirements of the country. PERED leads independency in the country’s industry, license fee has been eliminated for Iranian clients and cost reduced for Iranian clients and contractors.
 Finally, it is the third successful DRI technology alongside two other world`s leading technologies.

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