Big Step of Mobarakeh Steel Company for Steel Industry
Mining News Pro - CEO of Mobarakeh Steel Co. said: “In the first 9 months of this year, this company has exported about 700 thousand tons of steel products.”

According to Mining News Pro - Hamidreza Azimian also added: “We have exported around 700 thousand to since the beginning of this year and received about 50 million euros from selling these products.”

“We have found ways to confront sanctions and we are willing to supply our demanded parts by domestic production and use this legal capacity. We can use domestic producers and knowledge-based companies for supplying our equipment. In addition, if the negotiations with Europe come to a conclusion, it will facilitate our work”, he said.

Localization: A Key for Economic Success

CEO of MSCo. Said that many companies gave their support and said: “About 70 ideas have been referred to us in all three areas of metallurgy, electrical and mechanical, which can be useful to produce our demanded products in these three fields.”

“By concluding long-term contracts of three, five and seven years, we will ensure investors that even if sanctions are lifted or something else happens, they will continue to work and work in accordance with the contract”, he told.

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