First Time in Iran: Production of IPN200 by Esfahan Steel Company
Mining News Pro - Engineers of Esfahan Steel Co. has succeeded to produce IPN200 with EN10024 PART and DIN1025 standards.

According to Mining News Pro - Yousefzadeh, engineer-manager of Esfahan Steel Co. said about the issue: “Producing and the export of this product and also longitudinal rolling profiles are the policies of ESCo. We want to reach new market inside and outside Iran, so the program for studying and evaluating the facilities needed for the production of this product began in about one and a half months ago.”

He added: “Considering that ST55 and S335JP grades are used to produce this kind of profiles, it has a higher mechanical strength and higher inertia on the Y-Y axis. After plating with the goal of increasing corrosion resistance, this product is widely used in industrial applications in the field of electric power industry as a base for the transmission of high voltage power cables in the countries around Iran.

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