Iran’s Blast Furnace Capacity Reaches 6 Million Tons
Mining News Pro - About 50 years ago, the steel production capacity of Iran was about 3 million tons and now it is about 30 million tons per year.

According to Mining News Pro - Steel Industry is one of the important industries of any country and steel consumption per head is an indicator of the industrial assessment of a country. The first attempt to establish a steel and iron factory in the country dates back to the year 1873 which, was unsuccessful because of the world war.

The National Iranian Steel Industries Company was founded in the mid-1970s to produce direct reduced iron (DRI) but it failed to operate, as it should.

In 1979, major changes occurred in Iran’s steel industry. Companies merged and finally “National Steel Company of Iran” was established which, now is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade.

Sad-Mohammdi, deputy of mining and mining industries development projects of IMIDRO, said: “We hope that due to the investments, the production capacity reaches 55 million tons by 2025. At present, production volume is low, and in the 7 months of this year, it was nearly 11.4 million tons.

He added: “Steel is produced with two methods. One of them is Blast furnace that our country has a lot of good experience in it. Zob Ahan with the capacity of 3.6 million tons per year and Midhco will reach 1.7 million tons next year. We need to reach the production capacity of 55 million tons of steel, so we can upgrade our production capacity. At present, the annual production of iron ore is about 80 million tons, and this capacity should increase to 162 million tons per year.

Sad-Mohammadi told about investments to reache 55 million tons: “In order to provide infrastructure, we need 13 billion euros, and we need an investment of 8 billion euros to equip factories."

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