Hormozgan Steel Company: The Future Major Player of Iran Steel Industry
Mining News Pro - CEO of HOSCO: Hormozgan Steel Company is going to build a localized plant of hot rolling with the help of knowledge-based companies.

According to Mining News Pro - Farzad Arzani mentioned that during the last two years, HOSCO was among the greatest steelmakers and said: “Last year, we reached the production of one million and 400 thousand tons of steel.”

He added: “Reaching this production number is a great revolution for Iran’s job creation and the issue of unemployment. About 300 thousand people will be employed. Last Year, we managed to reach a record 70 percent export, which is a unique record. Currently we have exported 50 percent of our products which, will increase by the end of the year.”

He noted that during the 9 months of this year, the efforts made to reach 1 million and 88 thousand tons. In comparison to the last year, HOSCO experienced a 5.5 percent growth in production and 11 percent growth in restoration. This company also had a 21 percent growth in domestic sales this year.

In this regard, Hormozgan Steel will soon build a localized hot rolling plant, which will rely on knowledge-based companies.

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