Production of 5 Grid Alloy During the Last Four Months by Hormozgan Steel Company
Mining News Pro - Deputy Exploitation of Hormozgan Steel Co. said that since the year 2015, due to market situation and stagnation, localization of consuming materials was one of the strategies to reduce the costs.

According to Mining News Pro - MohammadJafar Parsi stated that localization is a strategic approach to reduce costs and said: “This leads to stable supply, reduction of currency exit and Commitment to social responsibility for sustainable growth and job creation in the country.”

He mentioned: “Currently, 14 of consumable and refractory materials for steel making has been localized and produced domestically that it includes 42.2 percent of the materials for Hormozgan Steel Co.
86,8% of the refractory materials are domesticated by now and we are still trying to make progress.

By examining the ability and evaluation of technical knowledge and technological infrastructure of domestic producers and identifying the needs and priorities of Hormozgan steel, the items has been selected for localization and the production process was carried out in the form of a joint project coordinated between the producer and the Hormozgan Steel.

He added: “The localization issue in Hormozgan Steel has been bilateral, and this opportunity has been provided to domestic producers. Developing the capabilities of domestic suppliers has always been one of the goals of Hormozgan Steel.”

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