Esfahan Steel Company Founder of Modern Mining Activities in Iran
Mining News Pro - CEO of Esfahan Steel Company: Currently, we are facing the things like sanctions and fake news of foreign news agencies against Iran. In this situation, industries like ESCo tries to increase their productions in order to overcome these problems.

According to Mining News Pro - Mansour Yazdizadeh mentioned that last year, the production volume of ESCo was about 2.2 million tons and said: “The capacity of this huge industrial complex is about 3.6 million to 4 million tons of steel but the problem is the supply of raw material such as iron ore.

He mentioned that Esfahan Steel Co. have explored, equipped and organized the main mines of iron ore and coal in the country. In addition, he emphasized: “The company today faces the problem of raw materials due to inappropriate policies for the transfer of mines over different periods.”

CEO Zob Ahan continued to refer to the company`s environmental activities and said: “Industry is inherently polluting, but what matters is an attempt to reduce these emissions and reach the standard level.”

He added that according to global standards, each industrial company should have a green space in it as much as 25 percent of its extent, while our company has 800 hectares of green space and should add 200 more hectares to it.

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