One million 350 thousand tons are added to the production capacity of Iran’s Coal Concentrate
Mining News Pro - Deputy of IMIDRO’s mining and industries plans mentioned the plan for increasing the capacity of coal concentrate, following the comprehensive steel plan.

According to Mining News Pro - Ardeshir SadMohammadi explained: “Currently, we are planning to increase the production capacity of crude coal by 2.7 tons; 750 thousand tons in Khomrud and 3 other plans in Tabas.\

He mentioned about the plans that two of them are granted to private sectors and one of them with the capacity of 800 tons is granted to IMIDRO, with Chinese’ finance.

SadMohammadi emphasized: “With these new projects, a capacity of one million 350 thousand tons of coal concentrate production will be created.

He announced that next year, a new capacity of 1.7 tons of DRI steel will be created by the private sector in Zarand, Kerman.

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