Exploration is the main category of mining and IMIDRO`s programs
Mining News Pro - The head of IMIDRO`s delegation said that exploring, removing organizational bureaucracies and benefitting from academic and private capacities would be our main program at the Organization for the Development and Renewal of Mining and Mining Industries of Iran.

According to Mining News Pro -Jamshid Mellorahman, in a referendum with a presence of representatives from the ministry of industry, mining and commerce and managers of mineral companies, said: "Exploration is one of the most important categories in the country`s mining sector, which will surely be among IMIDRO`s plans." .

He said that companies and, in particular, the organizations will be used to achieve the goals of the mining and mineral sector from  IMIDRO Capital.

Adding to the formation of the think tank in order to promote this section, adding, "The removal of complex bureaucracies in IMIDRO will be one of the other programs of the organization, which will undoubtedly facilitate the decision-making process in this area."

The head of  IMIDRO`s executive committee explained in a statement to another program at the Organization for the Development and Renewal of Mining and Mining Industries of Iran: "The subject of research and utilization of our scientific and academic capacities will be our focus on organizational planning and, of course, achieving this important, Without the removal of bureaucracies will not be realized.

"At the time of our responsibility at  IMIDRO, we will strive to use the human capital to focus our plan of mining and mineral industries on our plans," he said, emphasizing on planning for the achievement of the goals set out in the road map for mining and mineral industries. Put on.

He continued: "Thanks to the high authority of the Ministry because of my trust in me, and I hope to take effective steps in the service and development of the country during the service of  IMIDRO using all the capacities."

Jafar Sarqini, the deputy minister of industry, mining and trade, said at the ceremony of the  IMIDRO director`s appointment that no sanctions could stop the mining sector`s activity, said the mining and mineral sector has seen the least damage during the first and the current sanctions. While no sanctions can stop the mining sector`s activities, it may slow down.

At the same time, he stressed: "Of course, we have to prepare ourselves for new conditions and change the authorities to manage so that we can take advantage of the sanctions."

"During the first six months of this year, contrary to expectations, steel exports grew by 11% and value-added by 23%, during which time exports increased by one billion and $ 600 million," he said. Other sectors of this sector have also faced increasing growth.

Deputy Minister of Mineral Affairs and Mining Affairs of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade said that in spite of the sanctions, about 100 million tons of steel projects are being implemented, partly by  IMIDRO and partly by the private sector.

Comparing his activities to 92, he said the steel chain was 120 million tons in that year, reaching 205 million tons today. According to the Deputy Minister of Mining and Trade, the state of the industry will improve with 100 million tons of running capacity running into the country`s economy.

He acknowledged that during most years of government activity, Omid has been the most open large mining and mining sector. Among these cases, the completion of the steel chain was the result of the  IMIDRO and private sector efforts.

"Mining and mining are of great importance for the development of the economy, and we must work to meet the expectations of the government and the nation," he said.

Deputy Minister of Mineral Affairs and Mining Affairs of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, pointing out that the ministry has many demands from IMIDRO, stated: in the steel sector, 7 provincial projects have not been fully exploited. Projects like Nephleen Sinite, Guinea Bauxite and alumina powder production have been in operation for many years and these annoy us.

"Of course, during these years, good work has been done in  IMIDRO," he continued. For example, we can not ignore the discoveries that have been made to you. This process should be continued specially. The road map for mining and mineral industries, which is a product of the private sector, production and government, has been announced.

Referring to the new head of  IMIDRO, Sarkhoni said: Mr. Malikorhem is an inorganic person and started his career with the mine from the very beginning and since the second year of the establishment of  IMIDRO, he has been working at the organization.

He continued: "We hope that he will be the source of effective services, and Inshallah will be the chairman of the Executive Board in the summit of the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade."

Afshar Fatah Allah, Advisor to the Minister and Director General of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade Ministerial Office at the ceremony said:  IMIDRO`s influence and reputation is such that the available technical and expert skills are moving forward in every part of the country, the private sector encourages and Trust has been attracted. Therefore, this capacity should be used properly and adequately.

He continued: "Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Karbassian as one of the most powerful managers of the country who have had decent services and lasting effects during his activity.

Fatollahi said: Congratulations to Mr. Malikoraman on accepting the responsibility in this particular situation. At the end of the ceremony,  IMIDRO`s presidential decree was awarded to Jamshid Melarakhman.

At the end of the ceremony,  IMIDRO`s presidential decree was awarded to Jamshid Mellorahman.

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