Production of about 26 million tons of concentrate in the country over the past 7 months / 36 per cent stake in Golgohar and 20 per cent in Chadormalou in production
Mining News Pro - The production of concentrates and aggregates of major companies` iron ore during the first seven months of this year increased by 18% and 12%, respectively.


According to Mining News Pro -From the beginning of April to the end of the month, large iron ore producers produced 25.5892,574 tons of iron ore concentrate. This figure was 21 million 871 thousand and 649 tons in the same period last year.

Of this amount, Golgohar Company has 9 million and 303 thousand 771 tons, Chadormalu 5 million and 207 thousand and 945 tons, "Central Iron Ore" 3 million and 101 thousand 334 tons, "Development of mines and industries Mineral Resources of the Middle East "2 million and 904 thousand and 84 tons," Golgohar "2 million and 628 thousand and 662 tons," Opal Pars Sungon"one million 683 thousand and 423 tons," industrial and mineral development national "756 thousand and 488 Ton and Jalalabad produced 306,877 tons of iron ore concentrate.

According to the report, five major mining companies during the first seven months of this year produced 3 million 216 thousand and 423 tons of aggregate iron ore. This is while the production of this product in the same period last year was 2,976,924 tons.

Of this amount, Sangon iron ore company "One million 294 thousand and 407 tons", iron ore "one million and 2 thousand 114 tons", central plateau "605 thousand and 891 tons", Chadormalu 251 thousand and 779 tons, and It could have produced "62,223 tons."

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