The economic warfare of Tramp against Iran is doomed to failure
Mining News Pro - The British Guardian wrote in a report: "With the continued demand for Iranian oil and the lack of international support for US sanctions, there is no US approach to this country.

According to Mining News Pro -America has declared economic war on Iran. Following the departure of the UN Security Council`s approved nuclear treaty in May, the Trump government is now unilaterally fighting Iran with Iran for legitimate trade with one another.

The policy is based on the assertion that Iran is a serious security threat to the American people, but this is a very exaggerated one, and it is ridiculous to mark Pampo`s statement that it is using these sanctions to "ensure Iran`s behavior as a normal country."

America is not a normal country. Accompanying violence against Yemen and supporting Israeli expansionism are not ordinary work. The fact is that anyone involved in conflicts in the Middle East, such as Iran, has done something that the United States is always doing, namely, trying to influence outcomes to its true interests.

However, the United States is determined that its position vis-a-vis Iran must be militant.

Despite the rising inflation and recession announced by the International Monetary Fund, Iran remains stable. Of course, dissatisfaction and protests arise. Iranian leaders are trying to calm the storm. The 2020 US election is vital to them.

If Tramp wins again, Iran can not survive a 4-year recession. Their goal is to wait until then. It is expected that Iran would not instigate the United States in the region or reopen closed sections of its nuclear facilities until now.

All Iranian leaders are decisive. Economic suffering and general suffering in the next two years will not be sufficient for the state to move, and there is currently no campaign against Iran in the world. The European Union is working on a new financial mechanism. Although the Iranians have no hope of relying on it.

Donald Trump points to a situation like Korea. He says Iran is changing. American politicians are demanding new talks and a better deal.

But this seems to be impossible. Iran also wants to negotiate, but only if it is acceptable.

If America does not make its positions softer, it will have dangers. China, India and Turkey`s demand for Iranian oil will create alternative channels for global trade, which will weaken the dollar and the US`s inability to use it as a weapon in the future.

There is a risk of a war. The United States can respond to the failure of its policy with war, but it seems that Tramp does not want to launch another war in the region, as it is not useful for his election campaign.

The solution is the only change in approach: the shortening of many demands to change Iran`s behavior, show a little respect and open the way to negotiations with realistic conditions.

With its current policies, the United States shows its only weakness to the world, instead of obtaining strategic results. Without the prospect of supporting his allies and failing to force Iran to accept its extra demands, nothing has been achieved.

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