Mining News Pro - Latin American miner Fortuna Silver has reported improved third-quarter silver and gold output and is on schedule to meet its production guidance for the year, the NYSE- and TSX-listed company reported on Thursday.

According to Mining News Pro -Compared with the third quarter of 2017, Fortuna’s silver production increased by 11% to 2.23-million ounces and gold production increased by 6% to 12 542 oz, while lead output dipped 1% to 7.56-million pounds and zinc output ticked up by 2% to 11.48-million pounds.

Silver and gold output for the first nine months totalled 7-million ounces and 42 140 oz, respectively, being 13% and 16% above the company’s projection.

Fortuna expects to produce 8.3-million ounces of silver and 48 300 oz of gold, or 11.4-million ounces of silver equivalent.

Meanwhile, Fortuna Silver reported an overflow in the contingency pond of the dry stack tailings facility of the San Jose mine, in Mexico. The overflow was as a result of abnormally high rainfall.

The company stressed that no industrial process water was discharged in the incident and that the San Jose operation used cyanide-free process to produce concentrate.

To mitigate the risk of future overflows, Fortuna is increasing the pumping capacity. It also said that the tailings dam and dry stack infrastructure had not been damaged and continued to operate.

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