Makran steel needs infrastructure completion / currency credit of 135 million euros and 28,571,429 dollars to complete the project.
Mining News Pro - 9 national projects and projects include Shahid Beheshti, Chabahar-Sarakhs railway, Petrochemical, Steel, water supply to 400 villages and health, construction and sports projects for the development and development of the most important and strategic city of Chabahar.

According to Mining News Pro -The Chabahar Free Zone Steel Plant (Makran) is completing infrastructure on an area of 300 hectares with a production area of up to 10 million tons of steel.

The large steel plant after launching more than 3,000 job opportunities in the area.

In the first phase, steel production has an annual production capacity of four million tons, of which two and a half million tons of iron ore and one and a half million tons of steel are produced.

The Makran Steel Company is under construction with a credit worth of 135 million euros and 200 billion rials through the resources of the National Development Fund and the private sector in the 8th structure of the Chabahar Free Zone.

The Chabahar Shahid Beheshti Port Development Project is also one of the most important national projects in the city, the first phase of which was opened by the president last year with a $ 1 billion investment.

After launching the first phase, this large project has brought the annual discharge capacity of the Shahid Beheshti port from 2 and 1.5 million tons to eight million tons.
In the coming years, Shahid Beheshti port will be implemented in four phases and the discharge and loading capacity will be up to 77 million tons.

Chabahar Railway - Zahedan - Sarakhs Another national project of Chabahar has begun since 1992, and now has about 30% physical progress.

Once completed, the project could transfer goods to the Chabahar port to the provinces of the country and neighboring countries, Central Asia and Afghanistan.
So far, more than $ 1 trillion from the government has been injected into this line of cash and has already been spent.

All efforts and follow-up of the various pillars of the country`s management have been focused on completing the Chabahar-Zahedan railway as soon as possible due to its extraordinary importance in East-East development.

The operation of building a large petrochemical complex in eight units in a land of 280 thousand hectares in the area of Chabahar Free Zone is being carried out, which, after completing its various stages and reaching the gas from Iranshahr to Chabahar, transforms Balochistan into the third polygon of petrochemicals in the country.

The Makran Petrochemical Complex is estimated at $ 12 billion in investment and more than eight thousand jobs are being created.

The town is currently completing its infrastructure, which has cost more than 350 billion USD for these actions.

The water supply plan to 261 villages in central, plan and tilt areas at the bottom of the dam and the hydropower project of 210 villages in Dashtyari, located below the old dam, are working on other national projects that, after completing them, can highlight some of the rural water problems. They do.

Deputy Chancellor for Coordination and Affairs of Chabahar Governorate, said: "The Supreme Leader and the President pay special attention to the development and development of the Makran coastlines and personally monitor the development plans of Chabahar."

Navid Malzai added: "Completion of the infrastructure of the Ramsadan Chabahar border is one of the most important projects of the city, which is not important for the border guards less than the port.

He said: "Now, with the efforts of provincial and national officials, measures are being taken to complete the Internet and fiber optic infrastructure, and soon after 9 years, the Internet has been connected to the global network.

Deputy Chancellor for Development Cooperation of Chabahar Governorate continued: Upon completion of the water supply projects in progress, the villages` problems are high and in addition to the transfer of water from the two previous dams and subways, the studies and allocations of the necessary funds for construction of desalinating water should be carried out on the agenda of ministry officials. Force.

He said completion of major projects of Chabahar-Sarakhs railway, township and petrochemical, steel and sports projects, water supply, electricity and road construction will make major changes in the development of Chabahar.

"Employment creation is another achievement of national projects. Now more than four to six thousand people are employed in these projects, and if they are completed, they will have a few times the current employment," said Mellamis.

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