US-Afghan partnership to complete exploration in copper and gold mines / US $ 78 million gold and mines deal with US companies
Mining News Pro - Afghan Gold and Mining Corporation AGMC yesterday signed contracts worth $ 78 million with US companies, which will complete the exploration of Sar-i-Pul and Al-Badakhshan copper mines.

According to Mining News Pro -During the occupation of the United States, the Americans have made extensive discoveries and estimated their mineral resources worth $ 1,000 billion and introduced the mine as one of the main areas of Afghan development.

However, corruption, lack of infrastructure and security are the challenges of Afghanistan`s development of mines.

Due to the lack of access to the Free Seas, Afghanistan`s mineral development has great potential for the security and development of the eastern parts of Iran, centered around the Chabahar port and, of course, Pakistan Goyad.

The main advantage of Chabahar is the presence of cheap natural gas in Assalouyeh and the opportunity to develop the mineral industry in that area.

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