The world`s largest alumina refineries go to silence / A new challenge awaits the world aluminum market
Mining News Pro - Norsk Hydro, a Norwegian aluminum manufacturer, said yesterday that Alunorte, Brazil, the largest Alumina refinery in the world, will be shut down.

According to Mining News Pro -This decision is aimed at reducing the residual bauxite storage in area 1 (DRS1), which is approaching its end of life.

With regard to the volume of the company`s reserves, the process of shutting down of the processing unit has already begun, and it is expected that the disruption of the refinery will lead to uncertainty in the global aluminum market and the challenge of supplying raw materials, with prices rising and rising.

The Alunorte refinery has been operating at half its capacity since March this year after imposing a formal ban on Brazilian authorities. The ban did not allow the company to use the new bauxite deposit area 2 (DRS 2) as well as the use of filter press technology for the remaining bauxite reserves, while the technology would require less waste storage space and significantly drain reduces.

The shutdown of the Alunorte treatment plant will have a direct impact on the Paragominas bauxite mine, although the mine is currently seeing a 100% decline in mining operations.

The closure of Alunorte and Paragominos also affects the workforce in both of these sets, although the potential operational and financial implications of the event have not yet been evaluated.

Meanwhile, John Thuestad, responsible for the bauxite mine and Alumina refinery, said the company is working hard to lift the ban to re-establish Alunorte as the world`s leading alumina treatment plant.

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