Iron Mine Readiness to further cooperate with Rail / Steel Company intends to manufacture steel products with industrial application.
Mining News Pro - Abbas Khatibi Soltari Deputy Minister of Construction and Development of Railways, Ports and Airports of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, along with representatives of Khatam-ol-Anbia`s construction site and a group of managers and experts of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development while visiting the production line of molten rail Esfahan steel company met with the managing director and other officials of the company, Mansur Yazdizadeh.

According to Mining News Pro -Abbas Khatibi expressed his satisfaction with the joint and historic cooperation of Isfahan Iron & Steel Co. and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Planning and the need for the country`s railways to the Isfahan Iron and Steel Rails. He said: Esfahan Steel Co.has good capabilities and the production of rails by The company is one of the major achievements of the country`s national industry, and the presence of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Planning for the purchase of rail products has begun the path of expansion of bilateral communications and the country`s road and urbanization has also been the buyer of other products in terms of high steel products consumption in various rail projects. And it is necessary to make this connection more than before.

Referring to his visit and the accompanying board of Esfahan Steel Company, he added: "Since the beginning of the activities in the railroad industry in Isfahan Steel Mine, the country`s railways have been pursuing the production of rail products, and have successfully tested and tested these products in accordance with international standards. Fortunately, this has already been accomplished.

He added: "In our current visit, we have come to the conclusion of the stages of procurement of billets and testing of the rail products in the ironmongery line, and we hope that the next steps will be pursued more quickly."

Khatibi also said: "Given the emphasis of the Supreme Leader on supporting the production of national railways and the use of Iranian goods and the motto of the current year, we are working to fulfill our duty in this area.

He added that the visit was followed by two recent meetings with the officials of Steel Co,in Tehran, in which the meeting was held. Esfahan Steel Co. participated in tenders for rail supply and purchase, based on the implementation of a three-way agreement between the company for the construction and development of transportation infrastructure The country`s transportation, the Esfahan Steel Company, and Khatam-ol-Anbia Construction Station (PBUH) will be purchased from the Chabahar-Sarakhs and Middle-Tabriz project. He added that it is planned that by the end of this month the details of these tenders and the memorandum will be announced and announced.

Following this visit, Mohammad Reza Rahmani, the representative of Khatam-ol-Anbia (PBUH) construction contractor and the railway construction contractor, while expressing his satisfaction with the national railroad production, emphasized on the preparation and use of Isfahan iron and steel products on the basis of an employer`s request for ongoing projects. He said: "Our perspective on this issue is long-term and beyond the existing conditions."

At the beginning of this visit, Yazdi Zadeh, Managing Director of Esfahan Iron and Steel Company, also spoke on the main achievements of Isfahan Iron and Steel Company in the last half century and described recent production processes, especially the successful stages of national rail production, and noted that since engineer Khatibi and construction site brothers Khatam Al-Anbia (PJ) is serving a strategic project and organization; Esfahan Steel Company has also been working with its strategic actions, including the provision of the required rails.

Referring to the production of a variety of new products in Esfahan Iron Ore, U33, UIC60, and Blanc and H30 Flame Production, said that Zobahan Isfahan intends to produce steel products with industrial application and production of sections that are out of the power of other companies. And in this way, it is ready to implement joint projects with the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways.

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