Iran`s iron ore exports rise by 17% in September / India destined 50 thousand tons of Iranian iron ore concentrate
Mining News Pro -  According to statistics released by sources of Steel Mint and Keyvan Jafari Tehrani, Iran issued one million and 90 thousand tons of iron ore bulk shipments in August (September 23 to September 22).

According to Mining News Pro -According to the Keyvan Jaffari Tarhani channel, exports in September were 17% higher than in the previous month. Iran`s iron ore exports in August amounted to 930 thousand tons.

Iran`s iron ore exports dropped by 46% in September this September, with exports in September of 2017 totaling 2 million tons.
Between April and September 2018, exports drop markedly to 6 million and 480,000 tons. In the same period last year, Iran exported 10 million and 150 thousand tons of iron ore, up 36 percent from this year.

Studies show that India has imported 50,000 tons of iron ore concentrate from Iran this September. The extracted iron ore for the production of pellets has been used and consumed in steel mills in southern India.

China is also the largest importer of Iranian iron ore, which imported 870,000 tons of iron ore in September this year. China accounted for 80% of Iran`s total exports.
Increasing shipping costs due to restrictions on shipping lines between the two countries, which are affected by sanctions, limits restrictions on exports of stones
Iranian iron is created.

The remaining 20 percent of Iran`s exports in September were to the UAE, Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka. The exports to the UAE were 70,000 tons, Malaysia 30,000, India 50,000, and Sri Lanka 20,000 tons.

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