Supply more than 14 thousand tons of steel and copper
Mining News Pro - Today, 24 thousand 717 tons of polymeric materials are being offered at the stock exchange of petroleum and petrochemicals.

According to Mining News Pro - Hall of Industrial and Mineral Products Commodity Exchange of Iran on Monday, September 9, hosts 3,000 tons of hot plate, 4,400 tons of iron ingot, 4,400 tons of mixed rebar, 3 thousand tons copper cathode, 9 tons of precious metal concentrate and 9 Kilogram of gold bullion.

24,717 tons of polymeric materials are being supplied to the oil and petrochemical industry hall.

According to the report, 11,000 and 807 tons of bitumen and 500 tons of moisture insulation will be supplied at the exposition hall of Iran`s Commodity Exchange.

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